Xylia is a true professional—competent, sharp, committed. She has real enthusiasm for her work, which comes across in its consistently high quality. I always enjoyed copyediting Xylia's articles; like her, her writing is intelligent, confident, and never boring!

Allison Dubinsky
Copy Editor | Proofreader | Editor | Writer


Xylia was instrumental in the growth of our programs. Her unique creative approach, planning and communication skills have propelled the continued success of the annual Architecture + Design Festival, our continuing education program for architects, and the AIA Oregon Design Conference. She brings a collaborative and innovative process to these initiatives—leveraging the the full breadth of her production, literary and arts experience. 

Robert Hoffman, AIA
Executive Vice President / CEO, AIA Portland & The Center for Architecture


Xylia is energetic and full of ideas, and—equally importantly—she follows through to meet deadlines. She's a fantastic communicator who always looks for innovative ways to do things. 

Annie Tomlin
Magazine Editor | Consultant


Xylia has a gift for translating complex program goals into tangible tasks with measurable outcomes. She's wonderful at balancing the needs of an event's organization with the challenges of many different people's personalities. And she does everything with a upbeat, can-do attitude! She's a joy to work with, and makes difficult challenges appear like they're all a breeze.

- Bob Hastings
Agency Architect;  TriMet